Berkshire Swing Dance

Regular Start Dates for New Beginners.

Regular start dates introduce you at the right pace. Book in advance to allow us time to confirm your booking. A 4-week booking offers great value while you gain a strong level of basic dance ability. More experienced dancers can join us by appointment - contact us for a start date.

Leaders are in demand.

Also see our offers on the relevant pages.

We offer PayPal as our preferred booking solution. You do not need a PayPal account as you can use the payment card option.
Step 1. Select the location and start date followed by Buy Now.
Step 2. Select the required quantity and Continue
Step 3. if you do not want to use PayPal then scroll down to the card payment option.

Contact us if you have a problem booking.

Each class has a page of details including location maps and times, etc.

Beginners course fees are discounted. They are not refundable unless we cancel. If you are unsure about the commitment then contact us.

We offer a discount for new joiners to get started with essential moves to get you on the dance-floor.

If you want to stick with the basics you can continue to take advantage of the discount.
After a few Lindy Hop  beginner courses you will be ready to stay on for the Level 2 class. From then you will be able to attend both class levels on a drop-in, pay-on-the-night basis at the standard price.

EXPERIENCED DANCERS If you are a more experienced dancer who wants to join in our classes without taking the beginners course then please do contact us.

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