Berkshire Swing Dance

Learn Lindy Hop, Swing Jive, Charleston, etc.


Join us to learn all about partner swing dancing. Our classes teach social dancing skills which anyone can achieve. Dancing is huge fun and so we make sure that the fun is included from the start. We are there to patiently aid the progress of your ability and confidence.

Our Introductions during 2019 are arranged in four-week blocks to give you a sound foundation and plenty of revision. New beginners join us on the first week of a block. As our start dates are frequent you should find one to suit you.

We take each individual dancer forward at the right pace for them at that time, and classes are structured to reflect varying stages of progress. Whenever required a class will be split into two groups during a teaching session.

Learn from Debra and John, a couple who have lived together in swing dance for nearly 25 years, having been the first in Reading to promote it's revival.

No previous experience needed - just come ready to have bags of fun. Bring a partner or come alone - it's up to you.

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Lindy Hop is the main event of swing dances, born in the cultural melting pot of New York’s Harlem and evolving from it’s late 1920’s birth to populate the planet. Embracing Charleston and Black Bottom as well as influences from Ballroom, Tap and popular ‘animal dances’, the Lindy Hop is a fun, free, flexible way to let yourself go to swinging music from the last 100 years.

Classes on Sundays and Mondays.


(Pre-booking is required for these courses.)
Free-style dancers like to mix things up and many social dancers blend the flair and style of Lindy Hop and Charleston, Shag, etc with vintage Jive. The result is very accessible for all abilities and great fun due to it's variety and playfulness. Our Swing Jive classes use mostly medium tempo music from the 1940s and 1950s to ease you into this flexible dance style

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